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Welcome to Our Coach Hire Canterbury

Canterbury is a town in the Kent County that is known as the cathedral city and is very close to the River Stour. You will find this city in the deepest southern side of England. Originally, the town was just a settlement that later got under the rule of the Romans. It is mostly known for its Archbishop of Canterbury who heads the Church of England. His worldwide influence also makes him a famous person. Its population stands at 40,000 and it has some of the highest educated people.

The city is like a pilgrimage for any Christian around the world and many have visited it for years on end. It has played host to Queen Elizabeth and Pope John Paul II. The architecture and shopping malls in this city have undergone some extensive renovation. Some of the landmarks include the Canterbury Cathedral, the Roman Museum, The Westgate, St Martin’s Church and Rupert Bear Museum, among others. It is a part of CT1 minibus area.

To enjoy all these sights, we understand that you need to make travel arrangements. This is where Coach Hire Canterbury comes in. With our reasonable rates, you can hire a coach from our wide range of quality vehicles. Whether it is for a day trip or wild night, we will get a vehicle that meets your needs. Taking a trip to London is one of the memorable things you can do in your life and we are here to make that dream come true. We offer many services, including those mentioned next:

Airport Transfers

There is nothing more distraught than your plane landing and you get stuck at the airport looking for a cab in the chilly London’s weather. This can ruin anyone’s trip. To avoid such setbacks, why not book a coach with us. Our drivers will pick you up right outside the airport and drive you to your hotel room. We offer airport transfers for all our customers, and the best part is that we don’t charge you extra in case your flight gets delayed. Contact Coach Hire Canterbury and we will drive you to and from the airport once your London tour is over.

Day Trips

No London trip is complete without a day trip. You have to enjoy everything this great country has to offer and specifically in Canterbury. There are so many tourist destinations for a day trip that you will be spoilt for choice. If not sure where to visit, let our dedicated Coach Hire Canterbury drivers help you choose. These places include:

Latin dancing- do you love dancing? Then, don’t miss to visit the Burrito bar for a Latin dance, including Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata songs while sipping tequila shots.

Canterbury Cathedral- this is one of the most popular worship centres in the world. It still retains the title of the mother church of the world Anglican community and a seat of the Canterbury Archbishop. The cathedral has a dark history after Archbishop Thomas Becket got murdered inside it back in 1170. This is the reason it attracts so many pilgrims. Go and view some of its parts that go back to the 12th Century. This church has one of the biggest ancient collections around the globe.

Howletts Animal Park- if you plan on visiting the south-east side of this beautiful city, drop by this animal park and enjoy watching lions and tigers. They even have two rare Sumatran breeds. This park is charity-run and also houses a big herd of African elephants and a black rhino. It is a great place to take your kids to learn about wildlife and see the animals at a close range.

Luxury Coaches

If there is one company that has some of the most luxurious coaches, it is Coach Hire Canterbury. Our vehicles are well maintained and serviced regularly. They are also not more than five years old to ensure that they are always working at their best. The modern amenities that come with these coaches are simply unexplainable. Think of reclining seats, air conditioning, large plasma TV screens, music system, ample leg and luggage room and wine coolers, to mention but a few. Travelling with us means safety, class, style and comfort. Let us get you around safely as you relax at the back and bask in the beauty of this city.

Coach with Drivers

Having to drive yourself all day means losing on the conversation with your friends and getting to your destination feeling very tired. To avoid this, why not hire a coach with a driver. We have some of the most qualified drivers in town. They have undergone an extensive training and know the city like the back of their hands. With them, you will never get lost or late as they know the shortest routes and can manoeuvre around crowded streets with ease. Their professionalism is out of this world and they are also very courteous and friendly. They are always ready to make some small talk with their passengers and even help them select an ideal destination if they have none in mind.

Private Coaches

Are you travelling to Canterbury for a private event or corporate purposes? Whether it is to attend a wedding, funeral, stag & hen party or for corporate functions, we have the right kind of vehicle for you. We understand that privacy means a lot to different people. Having transported some influential personalities like celebrities and sportsmen, we know what it means to offer complete privacy to our clients. Our private coaches come with tinted windows and curtains to ensure that you get to enjoy the excursion in total privacy. Our drivers are very professional and will ensure you travel feeling safe and at ease.

Let our drivers drive you to your stag or hen party venue so that you can enjoy your last day as a single person. With some big coaches that can carry up to 72 passengers, you can even have your party while on the road. So, don’t worry about not finding ideal clubs as our private coaches have all the facilities. You can also hold a video conference meeting while our driver transports you either to your meeting venue or hotel.

Contact the Coach Hire Canterbury for a quote today and let us make your visit a worthy adventure. Our lovely customer service staff will help you with an unbeatable price quote.

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