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Coach Hire Canterbury- Horse racing

If you are looking forward to some horse racing events, let our Coach Hire Canterbury drivers take you to where the action is. England is known for its adrenaline-filled horse races, and the people here know how to have fun in such events. There are several racecourses in and around Canterbury as highlighted in the text that follows.

Bursted Manor

The staff that works here is not only friendly but also very qualified. They offer lessons for any person older than 5 years. The non-riding sessions are ideal for younger children who are nervous about riding. Note that the experience they will get from these sessions will help them with the riding basics.

They also hold ‘own a pony day’ for pupils to learn some basic stable management skills. These include plaiting, grooming and tacking up. Apart from that, they also get riding classes and other fun activities, especially in the afternoons.

Beach rides are also very desirable for any beginner since they start by taking the ponies for a walk along the seashores while checking for any debris that needs to be moved. Come with your children and enjoy all the activities that take place in this place. By the time your kids go home, they will also be riding pros.

Ascot Racecourse

You might have heard of this racecourse since it is always on the TV, showing elegant ladies who go there every summer. The main highlight is normally the Royal Ascot that takes place in June. However, if you happen to be in Canterbury at any other time of the year, do not get disheartened as there are always a series of events happening at this racecourse. Every race comes with its unique themes like the July summer cocktail party, wine and food festival in September and the October beer festival, among others. Book a vehicle with Coach Hire Canterbury and let us drive you there for an adrenaline-filled day.

These are just but a few of the many racecourses found in Canterbury. Others include Newbury and Sandown Park Racecourses, among others.

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