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One of the most important factors that buyers have to consider before any purchasing decision is the pricing. Regardless of our needs and preferences, if a good or service is priced beyond our reach, we would not purchase it. Coach Hire Canterbury is cognizant of this fact which is why we have implemented a very fair pricing strategy. We are committed to providing quality services to our clients, and this commitment will be for nought if our clients could not afford our services.

In most business sectors where pricing is standard throughout the year, then it is easy to budget for future purchases. In the vehicle hiring industry, and other (usually tourism related) seasonal businesses, the year is divided into alternating 'peak' and 'off-peak' seasons. The peak season refers to the time periods where a business experiences brisk business; while off-peak seasons refer to the time periods where business is slow.

The levels of supply and demand within a time period determine the pricing in a seasonal industry. This is true for airlines, hotels and vehicle hire businesses. It is therefore normal to expect higher prices during the peak seasons and lower prices during the off-peak seasons. Since most businesses (even seasonal ones) have fixed operating costs – staff payroll, rent, utilities, etc. – the peak season price hike is meant to 'make up' for the losses that might have been experienced during the off-peak season.

If you are planning a trip involving your friends, family or work colleagues, you should aim to schedule it so that it fits within the off-peak months. Not only will you benefit from the lower prices that Coach Hire Canterbury charges during this period, but other amenities such as hotels and tourist attraction admission fees will be much lower. Another great way to minimize your travelling costs is to book, and pay for, your reservation in advance. Booking for a minibus hire more than a month earlier attracts very generous discounts which your bank balance will appreciate.


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