Private Minibus and Coach Hire

Private Minibus and Coach Hire - Coach Hire Canterbury

Go wherever you need to in Kent and let our Private Minibus and Coach Hire take care of you. At our Coach Hire Canterbury, we pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our clients are satisfied. We will deliver a private drive that takes the hassle out of travelling to the races, beach, or formal events.

Fully Equipped Vehicles

We offer all of our clients the convenience of a public address system on board. You never need to worry about communicating with the rest of your team. We can also help with making arrangements for refreshments to be prepared on board. Our 72 seater has a conveniently placed kitchen, so you never miss out on afternoon tea, even while travelling for long distances.

With our audio-visual system, you can play soothing music to help you sleep on your way to the beach. Our guests enjoy creating their own quiet environment on board by dimming the lights or reading the neatest magazines while they travel. Whatever you need, we can provide with the private atmosphere created on board our stylish coaches.

Easy Reservations

Reserving a coach for your group is a completely hassle-free process. Give us a call to discuss your options if you require expert assistance. If you are one of our many repeat customers, you may wish to visit us online and make your booking there. Our online form is easy to use ad you can complete the booking process in minutes.

We accept card payments and that makes it possible to further maintain confidentiality surrounding the details of your trip since you never need to make an arrangement in person. With us, struggling with heavy luggage on the train or making multiple public bus changes is a thing of the past. Book your trip with our Coach Hire Canterbury today.


Contact Details

Lombard House12-17 Upper Bridge St,
Canterbury CT1 2NA

01227 505004

Mon to Sun :24 hours